Thursday, May 15, 2008

Heil, Hitler!

Let human beings die
Let Mother Nature cry
Let blood colour hands thy
Throw them off buildings high
Go on, give it just another try

Do that, let me sneer in mirth
He said, "Of Impunity there is no dearth"
Do that to get rid of this dirt
Can't you see that flag fluttering on Our earth
And that star on the sleeve of His shirt?

Oh! Don't tell me you don't know!
Of mind dumb and of spirit low!
It isn't that I really want them to go
But just give him another blow
'Cause one Adolf Hitler said so

This poem was all that I could come up with as I went to my room that night five years ago, when I had just been shaken up by Roman Polanski's The Pianist. This movie, stills from which continue to haunt me, is perhaps the best movie amongst all those made on the Holocaust during WW II. Adrien Brody's performance was mind numbing and the scene in which he plays the piano after being found out by the Germans would remain etched in my memory for ever.

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